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Boosting circular economy in the anchovy canning sector

A study co-led by researchers at the UNESCO Chair ESCI-UPF emphasizes the importance of an integrated Water-Energy-Food-Climate perspective towards circular economy. The results published in Waste Management help to facilitate decision-making for more sustainable products.


Source: Jun Seita from Palo Alto, CA, U.S. (7 Portes) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

The great concern regarding food loss has been studied previously in an isolated way, disregarding interdependencies with other areas. Now, a research project coordinated by Universidad de Cantabria and co-led by the Chair goes a step further by proposing a new procedure to assess different waste management alternatives based on the nexus approach by means of an integrated Water-Energy-Food-Climate Nexus Index (WEFCNI). Published in the journal Waste Management, the study shows that “the use of the nexus index as an environmental management tool is extendable to any food system with the aim of facilitating the decision-making process in the development of more sustainable products”. Thus, “the application of circular economy strategies needs a deeper analysis from the nexus approach,” according to researchers. This work is part of the GeSAC-Conserva Project at the Chair.

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Ready for disseminating research at LCA Food 2018

Today sees the start of the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Food 2018 at Bangkok (Thailand), a top science event in which the UNESCO Chair ESCI-UPF is participating to present its research on agrifood, waste management, and new materials.

lca food 2018

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“Catalonia Ecodesign Award” exhibition at ESCI-UPF

ESCI-UPF, in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, hosts the exhibition of the “Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017″ from 16th October to 16th November 2018, in the entrance hall of its building, to promote the consumption of eco-designed products.


 “Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017” at ESCI-UPF.

The itinerant exhibition, organised by the Government of Catalonia and the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC, in its Catalan acronym), showcases the 2017 winning candidates and those that received a special mention from the judging panel composed of international experts on design and sustainability; the selected candidatures are also present through photographs.

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LIFE Zero Cabin Waste awarded the “Alfonso Maíllo” Prize at RECUWASTE 2018

Gonzalo Blanca-Alcubilla, researcher responsible for the Life Zero Cabin Waste Project at the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, receives the “Alfonso Maíllo” Prize for the best innovative work on waste management, chosen through the votes of the RECUWASTE 2018 congress attendants.



The RECUWASTE 2018 Congress, held from October 8 to 9 in Mataró (Barcelona), acknowledges the presentation of the ‘LIFE Zero Cabin Waste* Project - Tackling international airline catering waste by demonstrating integral and safe recollection, separation & treatment,’ aimed to reduce, reuse and recycle waste collected on airplanes.

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The ARIADNA Project at the Basque Parliament

Basque Parliament Committee on the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing to host the attendance of Alba Bala, Environmental Analysis Coordinator of the ARIADNA Project led by the UNESCO ESCI-UPF Chair.



The “Lecture for the study of measures aimed at improving the recycling context in Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa” of the Basque Parliament Committee on the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing, to be held today 9th October at 11:30 a.m., brings together representatives of the Confederación Vasca del Comercio, Euskomer, and the ARIADNA Project. During the session, Alba Bala, leader of the Waste Management Research Line at the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, will present the ARIADNA Project - “Sustainability study on the introduction of a mandatory Deposit-Refund System (DRS) for beverage packaging in Spain: a comparative environmental, social and economic analysis versus the current situation.” This study compares the current system of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) with a hypothetical situation in which both systems would coexist.

Connect to the lecture via streaming through the following link: https://goo.gl/jeQGQi

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LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project at RECUWASTE 2018

The UNESCO Chair ESCI-UPF is holding the presentation of the study aimed to reduce, reuse and recycle waste collected on airplanes.

On October 8-9, the RECUWASTE 2018 Congress comes back to Mataró bringing the best cutting-edge solutions within the waste management sector.



On Tuesday 9 October at 11.45-12.00, the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF is holding a session about the “LIFE Zero Cabin Waste Project: Management of aviation waste. Environmental impacts from the perspective of the LCA,” at the RECUWASTE 2018 Congress (Mataró, Barcelona). This congress is aimed at both the economy of resources and local communities and innovation, with an eminently international approach. Thus, “attendees can hear about relevant experiences from around the world first-hand, share knowledge and learn from others, and once again confirm Mataró as an indelible point of reference in the world of municipal waste management,” according to the organisers.

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